Green Energy Electrical Contractors

Governments across the globe are keen to reduce carbon emissions and reduce their negative influence on climate change. The UK government is leading the charge with several policy decisions that are set to change the landscape of the way energy is delivered and used in the UK over the next decade. With their stated aim to achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 the UK government has made a genuine commitment to tackle climate change. Net Zero effectively means producing no more emissions than can be taken away. From the prohibition on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 to the decision to ban gas installations in new build domestic dwellings from 2025, it is certain the future will be green.

These policies have inspired and generated many new technologies that are becoming more and more commonplace. At Zenlec Ltd we pride ourselves on keeping pace with these new developments and offering to our clients the very latest green energy options for their commercial and domestic needs. The following are some of the most common. 

Solar PV

Air Source Heat Pumps

EV Charging Points

Solar Photovoltaic

(Solar PV)

Solar PV has been in widespread use for approximately ten years and the PV cells continue to be refined and manufactured in more and more efficient and affordable ways. Installation costs have been reduced by the mass uptake of the technology and whilst payment from feed in tariffs (FIT) fluctuate there is no doubt that Solar PV is here to stay. In fact, the uptake of other green solutions may make it more attractive than ever.

At Zenlec Ltd we can offer free consultation, survey, and energy consumption analysis to find out of this is a viable option for your home or business. We can also provide, install and certify a full PV installation. We may even be able to secure funding from the government to subsidise your project.

Green Energy Electrical Contractors

Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat exchangers like this have been around for decades. They work just like a fridge or freezer in reverse. They intake air from outside the building and the superconductive liquid in the pipe work absorbs the latent heat of the air, which then turns into a gas, even if it’s cold outside! Then by compressing the resultant gas, heat is generated. This can be used to heat the home or business premises and heat a water cylinder to provide hot water. It is extremely efficient and obviously generates far less carbon than even the most efficient gas combi-boiler.

Zenlec Ltd can provide free, no obligation assessments and quotes for installing these systems, it is possible to even use them alongside gas installations on larger buildings to ensure supply whilst reducing costs and carbon output.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points


Carbon emissions from business, domestic dwellings and even industry have steadily reduced over the years with the introduction of LED lighting, air source heat pumps, solar PV, more efficient boilers, and a plethora of energy efficient technologies. A rapidly growing use of renewable energy sources such as wind farms have also contributed to the overall aim of the UKs stated goal of Net Zero.

However, the biggest problem facing this goal is transport. Whilst every other sector that uses energy has been reducing carbon emissions, transport continues to rise. As such there is now a great deal of social, financial, and political will to promote, encourage and incentivise the use of electric vehicles (EV). EV sales are increasing fast, and the infrastructure and provision of charging points are enjoying a great deal of funding and planning. All of this is with the aim of achieving the stated aim of Net Zero.


Green Energy Electrical Contractors
Green Energy Electrical Contractors

Clean air zones are being established all over the country. In our home city of Manchester this will be in effect as soon as May 2022. As such, businesses and residents will be encouraged and incentivised to convert to electric vehicles. This has allowed Zenlec Ltd to take the lead and ensure that we are in possession of the knowledge, skills and relationships to provide for the increasing demand for EV charging.

From a charging point at home to workplace chargers for staff, Zenlec Ltd can provide full survey, design and installation of EV charging points. We can offer free advice on electric vehicles, chargers and infrastructure requirements. We will also liaise with local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to ensure capacity is available for the works.


We regularly install ultra rapid EV chargers at petrol stations around the north of England. We can offer the same service to retailers businesses and residents.


There is a great deal of funding available for businesses and residents alike. Zenlec Ltd have researched all possible subsidies and tax breaks that are available to potential EV users and would love to share our knowledge and experience for all who strive for a green and sustainable future.


Services we provide in the green energy sector include:


  • Electrical Performance Certificate (EPC) Report
  • Solar PV installation testing and maintenance
  • Air source heat pump installation, testing and maintenance
  • Ground source heat pump installation, testing and maintenance
  • Electric vehicle charge point installation, testing and maintenance
  • Lighting survey and power assessment
  • LED conversion, new install and retrofit solutions
  • High efficiency electrical heating solutions
  • Energy saving switching solutions e.g.occupancy sensors, lighting timers etc.
Green Energy Electrical Contractors

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